Sprint’s tricky money-making ways.

September 4, 2006

Is Sprint desperate? Must be or it would not resort to tricks to bilk customers.

Here’s what it did to me and I caught on after 3 months ( thank god, it’s Labor Day and I actually sat down to give my Sprint bill a hard look with calculator in hand, a highlighter open and a telephone (a Verizon land line, thank u) at the ready.

I signed up for a plan where the FREE time started at 7 pm and ended at 7 am, weekends free. For about $30.00 odd a month. You’d think I had a good plan. Good yes, but for Sprint!

I am cautious about my cell phone bill.. First month’s bill: way, way , way over the amount I signed up for.

Call and ask how … given some mumbo-jumbo and with no time and finals around the corner, I pay it… ask again and the free timings are confirmed and I stay within it by and large.

Month 2: Bill comes down just a bit but still way over the original amount I signed up for … again call Sprint to question it. Given same spiel about the free timings – they are still 7 pm to 7 am and weekends free.

Month 3: Bill is about the same as month 2 – now I am mad – so sit down with all the aforesaid tools in hand… calculate , go over the bill. I haven’t crossed over to anything over what I signed up for – so what’s up?

Can’t understand why I am being overcharged.

Call Sprint Customer service on Labor Day – today – at 11am EST. Speak to a very nice but un-empowered CS rep. (Michelle ) who is polite and who confirms my free timings etc – the same 7pm to 7 am

So, I ask for her supervisor: Lakeshia (LHODGE 08) who goes over the plan and SHE  says the following:  5 days after I had signed up, Sprint CHANGED the free time to begin at 9 pm.  I tell her she is not right as 3 other CS reps confirmed that I have 7pm to 7 am and the last CS person was the one who transfered my call to her, Lakeshia…and she says, yes, but it got changed on me … I can, she says, have the 7 pm to 7 am plan for an extra $5.00  a month ( I sign up as I have already committed to a 2 yr contract).

I ask, well, if you change the terms on me AFTER I SIGN UP and I call and you confirm that I have 7pm to 7 am on many occasions including today and I have STUCK to it the free timings, then you must return my money.

AND all she can do is OPEN A CASE!

So I tell her gently, I understand she can do nothing even though she can see that I have mostly kept to the 7pm to 7 am timings  and tell her that since she cannot give me her manager or anybody with the authority to treat me like a human being … well, then I am going to ask ‘the world’ to decide on this.

So, World, please tell Sprint to NOT CHANGE the rules on someone and also do the honorable thing ( in the name of good customer service) and return my money.

Or, World,  DO NOT DEAL WITH SPRINT. THEY ARE TOO “SMART” to be good to their customers.

Hello world!

September 4, 2006

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